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Monday, December 27, 2010



YEP,  its the day AFTER Boxing Day.. and we all had a GREAT afternoon yesterday!!!

The weather held out and it was lovely and warm under the pergola but as the arvo turned to evening it got a bit chilly so out came the gas Patio heater to keep us all warm!!!

The was 15 of us all up and there was food a plenty and of course the mandatory 'drinks'

AND... a visit from KRIS KRINGLE (this year it was hosted by Krystal  )

Krystal with her cousin, Nicole

with her brother, Daniel

with Mum, (me)

with her Aunty Helen

Uncle Rob

her Dad
(not looking to sure about the whole procedure)

and her very playful cousin, Chloe

 A enjoyable time was had by all ..... looking forward to next year xxxxxx

THANKS for taking the time to look.....

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