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Sunday, February 27, 2011



YEP !!  I am on holidays again!!  This time my daughter Krystal and I are over in Adelaide, staying with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces for a week.

We flew over on Wednesday 23rd feb, and are heading home on Wednesday 2nd March.

The reason for our visit is.......... on Tuesday night we are all going to the........ MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!

So far Sharon (s.i.l) and I have done NO SCRAPPING!!  but we did get together with some of our ART friends for our monthly Cyber Crop and it sure was FUN!!!!!  Sharon, Judi, Margie, Anne & I had a wonderful night, participating in our Cyber Crop TOGETHER - face to face, instead of via the net!!!!!

And I have also been to visit my neice, Melissa at her place of work......  and this is special you ask?  IT SURE IS !!!!

Melissa works at a local supermarket (Cheese Bar Co-Ordinator)  YEP!! a FAB cheese section, a cafe IN THE SUPERMARKET!!!  and best of all, a coffee bar to buy a cup of coffee from to drink while you are doing your grocery shopping  ...... you think i am kidding?????

NO !!! NO !!! NO !!

take a look............


FANTASTIC!!!!  now all I have to do is persuade Victorian Supermarkets to do the same !!!!

And they have the most wonderful cake section .... so of course, we bought some home to have for afternoon tea!!!


Stay tuned for all of our exciting news about the MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT when i pop back on wednesday!!!

THANKS for taking the time to look ........


shazzabee said...

thoroughly enjoyed those cakes.

Yay bring on Tuesday night!

Can't believe we spent 3 hours at that supermarket. lol

scrappin' girl said...


Terri said...

I must check out that supermarket.....the cakes look yummy. Wish I was heading to the concert with you :(