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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MOVING DAY ....... again


YEP!!!  Saturday was moving day for our 2 children , well I say children but one is 26 and the other 30 !!!!!!  at the moment they are sharing a house and on the weekend we helped them move into a much bigger home.

And I say 'again' as we have moved our daughter Krystal each Easter for the past 3 years !!!!!

The move went smoothly, and as you can see, there was even a bit of time for ""contemplation""

They are 'almost' all settled in and I even got an invite to dinner last night !!!!!!

THANKS for taking the time to look......


Terri said...

Nice looking place......maybe you should book a holiday now for next Easter!! LOL

shazzabee said...

Looks like a gorgoeus house. Can't wait to see in real life.