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Monday, October 31, 2011



I have some AMAZING pics to show you today from our visit to the RHODODENDRON GARDENS at OLINDA, Victoria ....  'our' visit being myself, hubby and our Sister-in-Law, Sharon when she was here on holiday about 10 days ago ..

The weather on the day was misty and a fine rain fell on and off during the day (but didnt put us off at all) so as we walked around the gardens the mist was coming in and out and it was absolutely beautiful

you can see what the weather was like ... this is us driving up

Sharon,  wandering over the stone bridge

ME ....  wandering down the garden path

and a fun one taken by Sharon, Hubby & I

stay tuned tomorrow for some great pics of where we went for lunch ......

THANKS for taking the time to look......

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whymsicalmusings said...

Thank you for taking me on this lovely journey with you! What fabulous flowers! I love gardens:) Hae a magical time and wonderful HALLOWEEN!