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Thursday, March 29, 2012



MARCH is slowly drawing to a close ... and that means that all challenges are due in a day or so at JELLYBEAN SCRAPPERS !!!

Yesterday I finished my take on the lovely Toni's BLIND SCRAP ....

here are the INGREDIENTS :-
1 x coloured background paper/CS
1 x white CS, trimmed to 11.5 x 11.5 inches
ink or paint or Glimmermist
paper plate OR scrap of waste paper, cut to a circle (9 inch diameter)
embellies and title

and here is the METHOD :-
1. place the paper plate face DOWN on the white CS, centred as best you can, and spritz all over with ink, paint or Glimmermist. Carefully remove the paper plate and allow the CS to dry.
2. stick the white CS down onto the coloured paper/CS, leaving an even border all the way round.
3. using your pen, doodle a border around the circumference of the white circle.
4. Stop sooking, get the pen, and do the doodling.
5. mat your photo if you wish.
6. PLACE (not STICK) the photo down on the circle, so that it's RH corners touch or slightly overlap the doodled border, and then run some tape/ribbon/paper strips horizontally across the circle where the bottom edge of your photo will sit. Adjust the length of the tape to suit your LO.
Now stick the photo down partially covering the tape. Make sure to put your adhesive a little in from the edges of the back of your photo, so you can tuck things behind it later on if you wish.
7. make a photo corner of some sort to go on OR behind the top right corner of your photo.
8. place your embellies down the LHS of the circle, as you please.
9. place your TITLE from the bottom centre of the circle, running up the right hand side towards the photo.
10. add extra embellies etc as you wish


this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago on our picnic up at the


 looking forward to what you have planned for us in APRIL !!!

THANKS for taking the time to look......

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shazzabee said...

It looks gorgeous Noriel.
love the colours you have used.