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Sunday, June 24, 2012




I spent the day on Friday with  ****** T!M HOLTZ ******

A lovely friend, TONI,  from Western Australia (and the BOSS over at JellyBean Scrappers) and I attended a workshop run by the 'MAN' himself ....

It all started on thursday when Toni arrived ........

back to the house to stow her gear and grab a cuppa and of course ...
a fair bit of chatting'
and then out for dinner at MELBA'S for dinner in the city

then ......

a VERY EARLY START on Friday morning 5am ... up and showered and out the door by 6am to battle Melbourne peak hour traffic and then a leisurely brekky to set us up for the day ......
at CAFE BACI at Southbank ...

but ..... some of us were not quite fully awake at this hour of the morning ........

Toni decided she was going to catch up on a few more ZZZZzzzzzzz's

then ..............  the time had come to head to the "Workshop" !!!!!! 
armed with our gorgeous "ENTRY TAGS" made for us by the wonderful PIA .......

Toni & I
dressed and ready

and of course with OUR CAMERA'S

we  started our amazing 'journey' into the world of

Our wonderful, amazing finished tags

and when the workshop was finished ..

we met the AMAZING MAN HIMSELF !!!!!

and had our "COMPENDIUM'S OF CURIOSITY" signed

after all this excitement and activity
we sadly headed home but not before a little
before the trip (only 30 mins mind you)

then another 5am start on Saturday morning
as Toni had to head back home to the "WEST"


for making this one of the
most amazing experiences
I have had

THANKS for taking the time to visit ...... Noriel xx


Toni said...

It was just a fantastic couple of days from beginning to end. You guys were great hosts (even though your husband is a bit of a ratbag LOL) and I enjoyed meeting you face-to-face SO MUCH!!

scrappin' girl said...

THANKS Toni ... it was wonderful to meet you face to face .. finally !!!! Lou and I both really enjoyed having you here ... BUT ... the time was not long enough !!!